Can On Cloud Shoes Be Washed In Washing Machine

can on cloud shoes be washed in washing machine

Are you tired of dealing with smelly, dirty shoes? Do you love your On Cloud shoes but wonder if they can withstand a spin in the washing machine? Well, we have some exciting news for you! 

This blog post will answer the question: Can On Cloud Shoes be washed in a washing machine? As we dive into this topic, get ready to say goodbye to stinky sneakers and hello to fresh kicks.

So lace up your reading glasses, and let’s start this squeaky-clean adventure together!

About On Cloud Shoes

Easy to use and nice-looking The shoes on Cloud are new. 2014 two Swiss businessmen, Antoine Bisson, and Olivier Bernhard, started the company. The boots are made of a material that is light and flexible, and they fold up so they are easy to store.

People who want to work out without getting hot or sore feet should wear these shoes. You can walk, run, or stand in them. There are different types for men and women to choose from.

The great thing is that On Cloud Shoes can be washed in a machine. It keeps them clean and makes them easy to keep up.

Can On Cloud Shoes Be Washed In Washing Machine?

You can put On Cloud shoes in a washing machine to clean them. But we suggest washing them gently with cold water and mild soap. After you pass your boots, let them dry in the air. Also, take the laces and the cushions out before washing. Light soap and warm water are the best way to clean your On Cloud shoes.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Wash Cloud Shoes In A Washing Machine

If your Cloud shoes have seen better days and need a good washing, you’re in luck! You can wash cloud shoes in the washing machine. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1) Remove the insoles from your shoes. These can be washed from the rest of the shoe.

2) Put your shoes in a pillowcase or plastic laundry bag. That will help protect them from getting damaged in the washing machine.

3) Set your washing machine to a delicate cycle using cold water.

4) Add a mild detergent to the machine. Harsh cleaners might harm the material of your shoes, so it’s best to avoid using them.

5) Let the cycle finish, and then remove your shoes from the washing machine.

6) Stuff your shoes with newspaper or towels to help them keep their shape while air drying. Do not place them in direct sunlight or near any heat source, which could damage the material.

7) Once completely dry, replace the insoles and enjoy wearing fresh, clean On Cloud shoes!

Tips And Tricks For Washing Cloud Shoes In A Washing Machine

You may want to know whether you can wash your Cloud shoes in the washing machine. The answer is yes! Yet, it would help if you kept a few things in mind to ensure that your shoes come out looking their best. 

Here are some tips and tricks for washing cloud shoes in a washing machine:

  • Always use a gentle cycle when washing cloud shoes in the machine.
  • Put in a little bit of the mild detergent for the delicates.
  • Never put cloud shoes in the dryer; let them air dry.
  • If your shoes have removable insoles, remove them before laundering them.

Following these simple tips, you can wash your Cloud shoes in the washing machine.

Disadvantages Of Washing On Cloud Shoes In Washing Machine

The shoes made by While On Cloud are made to last. They can’t be washed in a machine. The strong detergents in the laundry soap could damage your shoes. High heat and water pressure in a washing machine can also hurt shoes. The best way to clean On Cloud shoes is by hand with light soap and cool water. 

On Cloud, shoes could get stuck in the washing machine. It could be better for your shoes. They can change color if they are washed with certain colors or fabrics. Wash On Clouds by themselves in cold water every time.

Advantages Of Handwashing On Cloud Shoes

There are several reasons to wash On Cloud shoes by hand:

Shoes don’t get ruined by handwashing. Cleaning shoes by hand removes dirt better than soaking them in a machine. When you wash your shoes by hand, you keep their shape and make them last longer. 

Washing shoes by hand saves the fabric. It won’t tear them up like soaking them in a machine does. When you pass by hand, you use less water and soap than a washing machine. 

Handwashing On Cloud shoes keeps their quality and looks and makes them last longer.

Tips On Handwashing On Cloud Shoes

If you mean Swiss On shoes, you can put them in the washer. It’s the best shoe cleaner for the company. Some suggestions:

  • Take out the insoles and laces before you wash your shoes.
  • Put your shoes in a plastic laundry bag or pillowcase to keep them from getting ruined in the wash.
  • Wash your boots on the gentle cycle with light soap and cool water. Don’t use bleach or powder on your clothes.
  • Let your shoes dry completely in the air before you put them on again.

Alternatives To Washing On Cloud Shoes In A Washing Machine

You don’t have to put your On Cloud to clean shoes in the washing machine. There are a few other things you can do. You can wash your shoes by hand with warm water and light soap. You can also use a wet cloth to spot-clean your

boots. You can also use a product made to clean On Cloud shoes. You might need a special cleaner created or mesh to remove tough spots. After using any of these ways to clean your shoes, let them dry completely before putting them back on.


Wash your shoes in a washer on Cloud. First, check the cleaning directions that came with your On Clouds. The best combination is a gentle wash, cold water, a small amount of soap, and fabric softener. Before you wash your shoes, ensure they won’t lose color or run. With these steps, your On Clouds can look great for years.

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