Why Do Cats Lay On Your Shoes

Why Do Cats Lay On Your Shoes

All cat lovers are welcome! Have you ever noticed your cat curled up on your shoes? Whether you like it or not, this behavior has puzzled pet owners for years.

As we mentioned: Why do cats lay on your shoes? When cats choose to lay on your shoes, it can be interesting to watch what they do. The short version is a mix of comfort and smell. And territorial impulses often cause cats’ tendency to be curious. 

Today, we look at cats and their love of shoes. Learn why our pets like to sleep on our boots. Join us as we try to figure out what causes this cute thing. Learn more about these strange animals whose strange habits amaze us.

Introduction To The Cat Laying Behavior

Cats like to lay on your shoes, which is something you should know. Even though it seems silly, this is a vital part of how cats act.

Cats like to sleep on shoes for more than one reason. Shoes are usually found in places where a lot of people go. Shoes often smell like their owners, which is something cats love. Because shoes are warm and soft, cats love to sleep in them.

Please don’t rush to get your cat off your shoes the next time it’s there. A sign that you care!

Reasons: Why Do Cats Lay On Your Shoes


Cats like to lay on your shoes for a couple of reasons. One reason is that our shoes often smell like us, and cats love to be near things that smell like us. Shoes are also generally warm from being worn, making them comfortable for a cat to curl up. Also, shoes are often left out in the open so that a curious cat can lie on them. And cats also like to lay on things to show they own them. 

Overall, cats like to lay on shoes for various reasons related to being comfortable and familiar.

Temperature Control

Cats like to be warm and often lay on your shoes because they are friendly. You can ensure your cat is happy by giving them a warm bed and keeping their sleeping area away from drafts.

If your cat seems to be looking for heat, it could be a sign that they are sick, and you should take them to the vet for an exam.

Familiar Smells

Everyone knows that homes have smells. It gives us comfort. But our cats need these smells to figure out where they are. When your cat rubs against your leg or sleeps on your shoes, they claim your space.

They tell other animals not to come near you because you are theirs. All cats do this, even if they’ve never met how they talk to each other and set up an order.

The next time your cat rubs against you or lays on your shoes. Take it as a sign of love, not an attempt to make your house smell like them.

Comfort & Security

Cats who are used to their routines are similar to them. Since your cat is used to your smell and feels safe, they may like to sleep on your shoes.

Your cat won’t lay on your shoes if you put lemon juice or double-sided tape on the toes. Try praising your cat when it chooses to apply on its bed or scratching post instead of your shoes.

Physical Affection

Cats show their owners they love and respect them by touching them. If your cat sleeps on your shoes, they own you. That shows how much they care about you.

Cats keep themselves clean and groom themselves to show love. A bite or a leg rub from your cat says, “I love you.” Cats like to sleep on or near people.

Some people might find a cat’s love annoying, but it shows how much they care about you. Think of it as praise when your cat lays on your shoes.

Territorial Marking

Cats mark their area with their scent. They claim you because their smell is on your shoes. “This is mine!” is what it says.

Some cats only mark the things they like, while others mark everything in their territory. If your cat likes to sleep on your shoes, put them in a particular place so it doesn’t pee or scratch them.

If your cat is marking its territory in a way that worries you, talk to your vet. They can help you determine if a health problem causes the behavior and how to treat it.

Avoidance of Other Animals

Cats like how warm their people are, so as their shoes age, they often lay on them. It happens most of the time because the shoes have already been worn and are still warm.

But if your cat doesn’t like other animals, it might try to avoid them, even other cats. It could be because they are scared, nervous, or haven’t been trained enough.

Possible Solutions For Shoe Owners:

Possible Solutions For Shoe Owners

If you have a cat, you’ve found your pet curled up on your shoes. Even though it may seem like an innocent thing to do, it can hurt your boots. Here are some possible ways to stop your cat from getting on your shoes:

Keep your shoes out of reach. Keeping them out of reach will keep your cat from sitting on them. You can put them in a closet or on a high shelf to do this.

Use things that scare cats away. There are many items on the market that cats won’t go near. Use a block to spray your shoes or put double-sided tape on the bottoms.

Give your cat another place to sleep. Giving your cat a soft bed or blanket may make it less likely to sleep on your shoes.

Change Your Shoes To Ones That Cats Aren’t As Interested In.

Change your shoes to something less attractive if you don’t want cats to be interested. You can protect your favorite pairs of shoes by switching out your usual shoes for ones cats won’t be drawn to.

Choose patterns with smooth textures and muted colors. And few decorations, as these tend to turn cats away. This simple change can help protect your shoes.

Keep your cats from getting too curious, and make your home a better place for you and your pets.

Please Give Them A Comfortable Place To Rest.

When cats lie in your shoes, they are trying to feel better. Cats like to sleep near windows or on beds where it’s bright. Cats like to lie down in shoes a lot.

Cats may lay on your shoes for several reasons. Body heat warms shoes, which is one reason. Putting a used shoe on a cat helps keep it warm.

When a cat smells like its owner, it feels safe and at ease. , shoe stores are often full of people, making them great places to watch people.


We hope this post told you why cats like to sleep on shoes. They feel safe and comforted by the smell of their human family. This practice can be stopped by giving people more comfortable places to sit. If these behaviors become problematic, you should talk to a doctor or an animal behaviorist. There may be a reason why your cat acts the way it does.

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