How To Stop Shoes From Squeaking When Walking – 2023

Walking in noisy shoes is a typical occurrence. It’s a universal truth. But it cannot be delightful if your boots continue to squeak. So how can you stop the squeaking of your shoes? The good news is that you can control your boots from squeaking through various methods. The bad news is that finding and applying solutions isn’t always straightforward.

The best is how to stop shoes from squeaking when walking. The first thing you want to do is Check your footwear for signs of wear and tear or loose pieces. Try to correct any problems you identify as quickly as you can.

In this blog post, you will learn how to stop shoes from squeaking and enjoy learning more valuable details.

What Causes My Shoes To Squeak?

Different factors could be to blame for the noises you notice when wearing your shoes. There are several causes of shoe squeaks, as listed below. First, squeaks will be audible if your shoes are particularly filthy. After extensive use, the rubber in your shoes begins to deteriorate and break. When they are worn out, shoes can also squeak.

When they are brand-new, your boots may squeak as well. Squeaky shoes are often the result of a loose heel or poor shoe construction. Heels can become loose from wear and tear or may not have been tight enough when the shoes were first made.

Poor shoe construction can also be blamed, as certain materials and stitching techniques are more likely to cause squeaks. And, of course, moisture or dirt can get into the shoes and cause them to squeak. It is possible to reduce or even eliminate squeaking by taking steps such as making sure the heels are tight, polishing the shoes regularly, and using shoe trees to help maintain shape. 

In some cases, the squeaking may be caused by a medical condition. For instance, certain types of arthritis can cause the heel to rub against the shoe, which causes a squeaking noise. In these cases, seeking medical advice to address the underlying problem and reduce discomfort is essential.

The Silent Stride: How to Quiet Your Shoes? 

Determine the noise’s source first. You should invest in shoes with low-friction soles to end this issue. You must properly care for your shoes when wearing them. The fabric rubs against one another and makes noise when the laces are loose.

If you take proper care of your shoes, it will be simpler to quiet them. Ensure that you clean them frequently. Use a quality shoe cleaner, please. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of squeaking when you walk.

  • Utilise shoe cleaners like the WD-40 and Gear-Aid brands. Clean your shoes thoroughly if you don’t want them to squeak when you walk. Remember to clean and spritz them outside.
  • Use talcum powder, baby powder, or ODOR-X. The moisture from the feet is absorbed, preventing the leather from being harmed. Applying this to the shoes whenever you want to protect them from creasing is an excellent idea. Your shoes will smell wonderful and look fantastic as a result.
  • Locate the local shoemaker and delegate your work to him.

How To Stop Shoes From Squeaking When Walking? With Useful Methods

You are not alone if you hate the sound of your shoes squeaking when you walk. Many people find this annoying sound that can ruin their otherwise perfect day. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to stop your shoes from squeaking when walking. Below, we will review some valuable methods to prevent shoes from squeaking when walking:

Method1. Throw In The Dryer.

throw in dryer

If the shoes become submerged in water, it causes them to squeak. They must be dried out. Your clothing should contain some fabric softener. After that, dry them using the low setting on the machine. The moisture in the shoes will evaporate thanks to the dryer’s heat’s ability to absorb it.

After that, dry it for about 10 minutes. Before wearing your shoes, make sure they are scorched. If your shoes are wet, the moisture will remain inside and cause them to squeak. It would help if you soaked your shoes overnight to fix this issue. They may be soaked in warm water. The water will become softer as a result.

Method2. Sprinkle Baby Powder.

sprinkle baby powder

The simplest solution to stop bothersome shoe squeaks is to dust some baby or talcum powder on them. Moisture can collect in areas where shoes scrape against one another. As an insulator, the powder prevents water from entering the space between the shoe and the sole.

Almost all types of shoes can be fixed using this technique, but you may need to repeat them multiple times to eliminate the squeak. The powder should be placed inside the shoe; this is the ideal approach. Use a bottle cap, a paper bag, or fabric to keep the powder within the shoe. Shake the shoe gently after applying the powder to ensure it is evenly dispersed.

Method3. Use A Sandpaper.


Sandpaper can speed up the procedure by rubbing down the shoes if they are excessively noisy. It squeaks as you run or walk. It isn’t enjoyable. Applying sandpaper will help you solve this issue. Sandpaper can be used, with the grain pointing up. The shoe sole should be exposed to the sandpaper’s grain side.

Make careful to use a cloth to apply the sandpaper on the shoes. Sandpaper should be used slowly when rubbing it on the shoes. Avoid applying excessive pressure to the sandpaper because doing so could harm it.

Method4. Use Petroleum Jelly.

Petroleum jelly

Frequently called Vesiline, If your shoes are squeaking, use petroleum jelly to cure the problem quickly. The issue could be brought on by the soles of the shoe rubbing against one another as long as the shoes are brand new.
When you walk or run, your shoes rub against one another, which causes this to occur.

Put some petroleum jelly on the soles of both of your shoes to solve this issue. Make sure to apply just enough to cover the front and back of the boots thoroughly. Allow the shoes to sit for at least 15 minutes. The boots ought to be in working order when you take them off.

Method5. Use WD-40.


WD-40-soaked cotton ball. Both inside and outside of shoes, people use this. Put an end to the noise wherever it is coming from first. When your shoes are damp, you should also spray WD-40 on them. Additionally, you might spray the shoes with WD-40.

You can also put WD-40 inside sports shoes if you’re wearing them. When your shoes are damp, you should also spray WD-40 on them. The squeaking will stop as a result. WD-40 can also be applied to the bottoms of your shoes. WD-40 should only be used with caution.

Method6. Try Dry Sheet.

Dry sheet

The insoles of the shoes can be cleaned with a dryer sheet. If your shoes squeak as you walk, use dryer sheets. Make sure you have the appropriate kind of dryer sheets before you do anything else. These are typically paper-based and filled with an antibacterial solution.

The dryer sheet should then be placed on the bottom of your shoes as the next step. Make sure the dryer sheet is not applied too thickly. Make sure the dryer sheet is only a sheet of paper thickness thick.

Method7. Apply saddle soap.

Saddle Soap

Another frequent cause of noisy shoes is shoelaces. To keep your shoes from squeaking, ensure you properly maintain your footwear. Cleaning and polishing your shoes will help you to keep your footwear free from dirt and debris. You should also check your laces and remove any laces that seem damaged.

Avoid wearing nylon or rubber-soled shoes, as these types of shoes tend to squeak. There are many ways to stop shoes from squeaking. One of them is to apply saddle soap to the soles of your shoes. Saddle soap will help to keep your shoes free from dirt and debris. If you have shoes with leather soles, you should clean them regularly.

Method8. Employ shoe glue.

glue your shoe

To stop noisy shoes, use shoe glue. Simply apply it to the noise-making portion of the shoe. You shouldn’t feel bad about using some shoe glue. When you walk, shoe glue will help to stop squeaking shoes. Simply dab some glue on the shoe’s squeaky area to fix the problem. The noisy shoes won’t be able to continue to generate noise.

In shoe retailers, you may buy shoe glue. It is both affordable and highly efficient. We are aware that having squeaky shoes is annoying. However, we should try to avert these issues before they arise. Applying shoe glue can be a successful remedy for noisy shoes. Before applying shoe glue, we must choose the best kind.

Method9. Apply Coconut Oil.

Apply coconut oil

Place some coconut oil under the insoles if your shoes are still squeaking. Oil the bottom after removing the insoles. Your boots may last longer as a result of this. If your shoes squeak frequently, you should try this. The only drawback to this approach is that your shoes can start to smell.

You should find alternative solutions if you don’t want your shoes to smell. Another option is to use shoe cream. The issue with this is that it might result in sticky and soiled shoes. It might not be appropriate if you plan to use them for jogging. You should try something else if you don’t like how the oils operate. A lubricant is an option. The purpose of fats is to create a thin film of liquid that reduces friction.

If My Shoes Squeak, Are They Too Large?

If your shoes squeak, they may be too large. If it fits too snugly, the shoe may be too big. Your shoes are too large if they squeak while you walk. Blisters and other foot issues might result from shoes that are too big. If your shoes are too big, apply thicker socks or heel liners to fill the area.

If your shoes are over a half size too big, buy a new pair. Naturally, shoes should be tried on before buying. Shoes that make noise may be overly large. Shoes should fit snugly but not tightly and not slide around while you walk. Your shoes are too big if they slide.

Your shoes may squeak because they need to be broken in. New shoes need time to soften and mould your foot. New sneakers should stop squeaking after a few wears. If neither of these is true, the noise may be caused by something else. A loose stone, the pebble in the tread, or similar might cause it. See a shoe expert to find out why your shoes are producing noise.

When It’s Time To Buy A New Pair Of Shoes?

Shoes show indicators of needing replacement. It’s time to get new shoes if they’re starting to hurt. If your shoes squeak as you walk, update. If your shoes make that unpleasant sound while you walk, remove them. You can avoid squeaking and prolong shoe life by doing a few things. Spray WD-40 or another lubricant first.

It reduces friction and squeaking. If it fails, fill the toes with tissue paper or cotton balls. It will reduce noise till you acquire new shoes. Don’t overlook squeaky sneakers! Buy new shoes and relax.


In the end, how to stop shoes from squeaking. Ensuring your shoes are in good condition is the best action. Bring your shoes to a shoe store to get them fixed. Always buy shoes that properly fit your feet.


Why Does Walking On Tiles Cause Noise From My Shoes?

Suppose your shoes squeak when you walk on tile. Your soles or the insole of the shoe may be the problem. A shoe sole may squeak if it is made of a soft material or is poorly constructed.

Why squeak in shoes?

The rubber in the soles of shoes scrapes against one another, which causes squeaking. This common issue typically arises when you run or walk a long distance in flat-heeled shoes. Usually, shoes rubbing against one another are the culprit. If you experience this issue, you should cease wearing high heels.

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