How To Get Too Big Shoes To Fit (8 Useful Techniques) – 2023

We all want to buy shoes that are too big to fit. Wearing huge shoes that are too small might be aggravating. Furthermore, you need more comfortable shoes. We wish to buy shoes too big to do for numerous reasons. We may be in a rush or need more time to purchase new shoes. In some instances, we may want to appear fashionable or cool. Whatever the reason, it is critical to obtain the proper shoe size.

How to get too big of shoes to fit? The simple answer is that you need to gauge your foot’s length and make comparisons to the size of the shoe you want.

You will know this is the proper spot to visit if you want to know how to get too big shoes to fit you; read this blog. But how can you tell whether you have the correct shoe size? This post provides answers to this question and others.

Which Is Worse: Shoes That Are Too Big Or Too Small

A few things can make it hard to wear shoes, but having shoes that are too big or too small is one of them. Which one is worse?

When shoes are too big, it can be hard to walk. First of all, it can be hard to walk in them. It’s because your feet will slip inside the shoe, which can be painful and dangerous if you’re not careful. Also, too big shoes can rub and scratch against your skin. It will lead to blisters and other skin problems. 

But shoes that are too small can also be a big problem. Small shoes can hurt your feet and make you feel bad as your toes are pushed into an awkward position. They can cause problems like bunions and hammertoes. Also, shoes that are too small can limit your movement and make walking or standing for long times easier.

Which one is worse? Are your shoes too big or too small? Both of these things can be pretty bad, but shoes that are too small might be the worst.

How To Get Too Big Shoes To Fit? Step By Step Guide

The following are the top ways to write an article:

Step 1. Put On Two Pairs Of Socks.

You should wear two pairs of socks to know how to wear shoes. If your shoes are too big, wear two pair of socks. It will take up more space in the shoe and make it feel tighter. 

Choosing socks that aren’t too heavy is important to keep shoes from feeling too tight. You could also change the fit by putting a larger sock on one foot and a smaller one on the other. 

If you’re desperate, you can even stuff crumpled newspaper or tissue paper into your shoes.

Step 2. Implant Two Insoles.

Ensure your feet are at ease and that your shoes are fitted. Wear shoes that will support your feet whenever possible. The next step is to have two insoles that fit your shoes put in. It will make your shoes wider and deeper, making them more comfortable.

To do this:

  1. Put one cushion in your shoe on top of the other.
  2. Place them next to each other so they don’t create different pressure points.
  3. Press down on them once they’re in place until they’re even with your shoe.

Put tape on the front and back of the shoe. So don’t fall off or roll away. So, that’s it. Now, your shoes should feel better and have more room.

Step 3. Get A Specialized Orthotic.

If your shoes don’t fit, you might need orthotics made for you. Gel or foam is used to make them. If you’ve tried the steps above and your shoes are still too big, you may need a custom-made cushion.

Orthotics are shoe inserts that help people with foot problems. You can choose from a lot of shoes. So talk to a podiatrist or another doctor to determine which kind is best for you.

Insurance might pay for shoes that cost a lot to make if necessary. They can change how comfy shoes are.

Step 4. Including Cushions.

If your shoes are too big after the first three steps, fill them with pillows. It takes up the extra room and makes the shoes more comfortable. You can make pillows out of old socks or bits of fabric.

Fill the toe of the shoe with them and ensure they fit well. Shoes can also be made more comfortable with foam toes or heel grips. If you have a wide foot, try shoe insoles to give your feet more support and comfort.

Step 5. Periodical Heel Strips.

Use heel strips if your shoes are too big. Heel strips stick to the back of your heel and make your shoes fit more. Drugstores and internet sellers sell felt or plastic ones.

First, clean the area with rubbing alcohol and heel strips. Take off the back and put the strip on your heel. Press down to make it stick. Add strips to your shoes until they fit.

Heel strips can fix shoes that are too big for a short time or for good. If they work well, you can buy a lot of them. If they don’t, delete them and follow the other steps in this guide.

Step 6. Fill The Empty Space With Tissue Paper.

If your shoes are still too big after you’ve tried the above steps, use tissue paper to fill in the extra space. So, shoes will fit better. Make some balls out of a few pieces of tissue paper.

Put these balls in the toes of the shoes. Tissue paper strips can be used to fill holes in shoes. Put the shoes on and walk around to see if they fit better after the tissue paper has been put in the space.

If they are still too big, keep doing this until you get the right amount of tissue paper.

Step 7. Use Elastic Banding To Tighten.

Use a rubber band if your shoes are still too big after the steps above. It will help make the shoes fit better and tighten them up. Cut a piece of rubber long enough to go around your foot. Ensure the elastic band is tight but not too tight so it is easy to wear. 

Tie a knot at the end of the elastic band and wrap it around your foot. Cut off any bands that are too long. Do the same thing for the other shoe. Your shoes should now fit better and be easier to wear.

Step 8. Assess Your Shoes For Size.

It’s important to ensure that shoes fit when you try them on. Here are some ways to figure out the size of your shoes: 

  • Get on your feet and put your weight on both. 
  • Make sure there is about a half-inch of room between the end of your longest toe and the front of the shoe. 
  • The shoe shouldn’t make the largest part of your foot feel cramped or uncomfortable. 
  • Walk around in the shoes once the laces are tied (or the straps are velcroed) to see how they feel. Make sure they don’t slip or rub against each other. 
  • To buy shoes online, look at the size chart first.

What Are The Challenges Of Getting Big Shoes

Getting big shoes to fit right can be hard in a few ways. You might need help to find shoes that fit. Most places don’t carry sizes above a certain limit, so you may have to shop online or at specialty stores.

Even if you find shoes in your size, they may need to be more comfortable. If your shoes are too big, they can rub and irritate your skin and fall off your feet. To avoid these problems, you should buy shoes that fit well.

So, How Do You Take Your Feet Measurements?

Measure your feet if you want to buy shoes online. You can measure your feet at home with a few simple things. It would be best to have a tape measure, paper, and a pen or pencil. Do these after getting your supplies:

  1. Place the piece of paper flat on the ground.
  2. Step on the paper with your heel touching the wall behind you.
  3. Mark the end of your longest toe with the pen or pencil.
  4. Measure the distance from the end of the paper to the mark you made with your longest toe. It is your foot length measurement.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for your other foot.

Now that you have your foot length measurements use a size chart to find the right shoe!

How Much Room Should Be Left In Your Shoe’s Front?

While determining the size of your shoes, there are two things to remember. Ensure sufficient room between your big toe and the tip of your shoe first. The width of your foot needs to be measured as the second item.

You’ll wind up with swollen toes if the toe box of your shoes is too small. Big toes or narrow feet may be the root of this issue.

Examining the size of the front of your shoes is the first step in determining their size. How much space you require at the front of your shoe can be measured with a tape measure. Make sure there isn’t too little room.

Use A Shoe Size Chart To Calculate Your Actual Shoe Size

If you’re like most people, you know what size shoes you wear. Sizes change a lot between shoe brands. Even within a name, sizes could be different. How can you make sure it fits well?

A list of shoe sizes can help. Most stores that sell shoes do so online. Find a chart with men’s and women’s sizes (because women’s shoes are usually made). Then match the size of your foot to the right size on the chart.

Even with a size chart, shoes may sometimes fit. Before you buy shoes, try them on. A shoe size chart is the next best thing if you’re buying shoes online or need help to try them on.

Why Do People Go For Too Big Shoes

People buy shoes that are too big for several reasons. They liked someone else’s style or thought it would make their foot look smaller. You can change the size of too-big shoes for any reason.

When you wear thicker socks with big shoes, they are more comfortable. It takes up room and cushions your feet. Wear both socks at once. If one pair is smaller, it helps.

Stuffing big shoes with newspaper or tissue paper helps them fit better. It will fill the extra space and make them cozier on your feet. Please take off the paper before wearing them out!

A cobbler or shoe repair shop can help you make your big shoes fit. They might make them longer or add a stitching hole.

How Do I Securely Tie My Shoes At Home?

Big shoes hurt. They are dangerous and hard to get through. Try different ways to tie your shoes at home.

Fixing shoes with duct tape. Your shoe stays on. Heel and toe tape. Please get the duct tape as tight as you can. Try a few different duct tape wraps to find the best one.

Use Velcro. Most shops that sell sewing supplies have them. Two Velcro strips, each a foot long. The heel and big toe are wrapped with two strips. Watch the tape again.

Laces are used. Don’t use plastic; tie the knots instead. Put one shoelace through the back hole and tie it off. Put the second lace through the first one.


With the right tricks, even big shoes can fit. Breaking in big shoes makes sure that they are comfortable and stable. The laces and padding of shoes can also help make room for wider feet. With these tips, you can make those bigger shoes work for you.


Q1. What Is The Best Way To Get Too Big Shoes To Fit?

The best way is how to get too big shoes to fit; ask a professional before you buy the shoes. Only after trying them on will you know for sure. Stretching is the key to getting them to fit.

Q2. Can I Wear Shoes That Are One-Half Size Larger?

For a lot of folks, this is a typical issue. The foot will contract as a result. Wearing shoes two sizes larger than your typical shoe size is crucial. You will have more room to grow into the shoes as a result.

Q3. How Can I Naturally Reduce The Size Of My Feet?

As we age, our feet tend to change shape. Because of how the muscles in the feet function, it occurs. A person’s feet will become smaller and rounder as they get older.

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